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“I’d spent over $7,000 on courses. CopyTribe was the ONLY one that propelled me forward” 

Out of many courses costing upwards of $7,000, the ONLY course that propelled my career forward was CopyTribe. I got the actionable steps I needed, the confidence (an authority reviewed my work and gave it thumbs up!), the personal direction (like which niche is best for me), plus the leads. It gave me the start that completely launched my business. 

Melanie Coffman

Gila Arnold

“This is not just a course; it’s an incubator to launch your business”

Before, I was accepting whichever clients happened to call, without any process. And I was definitely undercharging for my services. 

Now, I have much more direction. I’m raising my rates, sending out contracts, and asking for deposits.  I'm working on figuring out which types of jobs/clients I want to be working for (and which I don't). I'm also developing more confidence in reaching out to new clients.

I can honestly say that CopyTribe propelled me from a scattered, shooting-in-the-dark, part-time freelancer to someone who sees herself as the owner of a bez"H growing business. Just that change in mindset alone has made back my investment for me!

Did I make my actual money back? It took only 3 months — and I participated in the course twice! From direct referrals through CopyTribers alone, I earned back nearly the full amount. And from gaining the confidence to raise my rates and reach out to new kinds of clients, I've more than made it back.

I would recommend CopyTribe to anyone!

Gila Arnold

Orit Wittenberg

“Professional and empowering”

I feel confident charging more because I know I am delivering a better end product. CopyTribe got rid of the guesswork and made me comfortable declining projects that aren't going to move me forward. This newfound ability to say no and be selective feels good — professional and empowering.

Orit Wittenberg

Rachel Grunebaum

“Different from other courses”

CopyTribe is different from other courses in that you get hands-on practice and personalised feedback, so you really get to hone your skills.

I know this sounds cliche and I don't want to agitate Michal's cliche allergy, but this course was just what I needed to achieve my career dreams.

Rachel Grunebaum

Chani Lipschutz

“The best investment I’ve ever made”

I’ve done 3 sales calls in a week. How's that for an achievement? My confidence and skills have jumped 200%. I feel like I’ve learned enough to sit on for a year and really digest. 

This is the best investment I have ever made! 

Copywriting used to be on the back burner of my life; now it's definitely on the front burner. Being that I am doing what I love and I am getting such great feedback, I absolutely love waking up each morning thinking about the exciting stuff happening.

I made back my money in full within just 3 months of starting CopyTribe — and I paid for the (expensive) VIP track!

Chani Lipschutz